So it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re single. Awesome! You have an opportunity to change your future starting today, and I’d like to show you how. You need to begin with a new commitment to ‘be the one’ and approach things differently starting right now, so that this time next year, you can wake up looking into the eyes of your beloved. Love involves nourishing someone else’s soul, and they your own. As Dean Ornish wrote so eloquently, “I used to feel I was loved because I was special; now I feel special because I am loved and because I can love.”

So if you want Feb. 14, 2013 to be one of giving and receiving love and joyful commitment, you must begin Feb. 14, 2012 a bit differently.

Be honest with yourself and share with others who you truly are and that you are marriage minded.

In a recent USA Today survey of a group of 5,541 singles surveyed, 46% said that they are not actively looking for marriage, but if the right person came along, they would consider it. Really? This response in my opinion is a reflection of how many people are hiding their true vision. This is a reflection of what’s really going on behind the scenes of the “singles” epidemic we hear so much about. Name one thing in life that’s been meaningful that just “came along!” Did a Master’s Degree just happen to fall from the sky? Did a great career call out your name and you jumped on it? Did a great balance sheet, or any relationship you value, for that matter?

Or more likely did you put effort, focus and concentration into studying, searching and nurturing the good stuff that is so worth having?

If you want to get married and find the one, you must tell the truth about it to yourself and then to others. And by stating the truth about your dreams (along with action, of course), you will be a vessel for love and draw that person to you. Begin by imagining now as though it’s already happened. By sharing your marriage mindedness and your vision, whatever that is for you – whether it’s to build a family or move to Rome – your expression and desire to find a life partner who will love you unconditionally on the good days and bad days for a lifetime is key to making it happen. Don’t hide that you that you want to meet the person with whom you’ll share rainy Sundays; your best friend, your partner.

Many hide the truth because it might “scare someone off” or to maintain a facade to look cool. Drop that. Step out of pack-mentality and take a stand for yourself and your life.

People who make space in their minds and their hearts for love are in a position to attract it.

Personally, I don’t give much credence to Valentine’s Day because for me, true love is a daily expression of gratitude for my husband and the life we share. But on this day, where Hallmark and flower purveyor’s reign, take the opportunity to share your true expression with yourself, then with others and get busy finding your one!