Do you find yourself experiencing the same drama in each relationship or with new people that you meet?

You find yourself saying “all men I date have a fear of intimacy, or end up treating me badly.”

Or how about “all the women I date are just gold-diggers …”?

When you find yourself in a steady pattern of the wrong flavor of men (or women), it’s because there is a subconscious vibration and belief inside of you that invites that personality type into your universe.

And because you feel like you’ve “known them forever,” you’re instantly attracted to them and wah-lah! You’re right back in a bad pattern.

But wait a minute!

What if you’ve already been through therapy and “know” your bad beliefs?

Guess what?

If you’re still dating the same type of woman or man, therapy didn’t fix it. Knowing it intellectually doesn’t fix it.

And just to be clear, I’m not blaming you. These are subconscious patterns we inherit and learn from day we’re born.

But you can fix it.

You don’t have to keep experiencing your own personal “Groundhog Day” hell.

You can take your power back when you acknowledge the pattern, recognize it doesn’t serve you anymore, and choose to actively think in a way that invites in healthy, loving partners into your world instead.

I can’t wait for you to meet Beth and John. They are a perfect example of a couple who each broke through bad dating patterns to find each other and love.

Before she met and married John, Beth said …

“I was dating the wrong guys.”

“I felt like I wasn’t good enough. I didn’t deserve a great guy so if someone was willing to go out on a date, I was willing to say yes.”

“I once had a date show up 90 minutes late for our date with that thinking.”

Beth and John tell their story better than I can. Click on the image to hear Beth and John’s brutally honest and uplifting story.