It’s about you
finding the right person.

It’s about you finally finding
the right person.

Sarah & Doron | Married 2.21.18

Hi, I’m Bari Lyman

I created the Meet to Marry Method and for over a decade, I’ve helped countless people rediscover themselves and find their right person–their soulmate.

How am I different than dating coaches, matchmakers, dating sites, or your Aunt Louise “who’s always had a knack for seeing good matches?”

I help you create a REAL PLAN.

Think about it:
You wouldn’t throw a party without a plan.
You wouldn’t bake a cake without a plan.
You wouldn’t go on vacation without a plan.

So why do we think we will be able to find LOVE without a plan?

Probably because society has told you, “It just happens when you’re ready,” but NOTHING in life works like that!

Finding love about doing the right things at the right time. And we’re here to coach you every step of the way until you find the right person for you.

You don’t have to settle …

And you don’t have to worry about being too old, too young, too independent, too busy, too chunky, too short, too tall, in the wrong city, or anything like that to work with us.

All you have to be is coachable and eager to create the shifts to get results.

The Meet to Marry Method™ is not a “learning journey.” It’s a full-on transformation.

It’s an action-oriented plan where you’ll go from intellectually knowing what’s missing to FULLY embodying the REAL you.

Our clients find this work not only helps them find their soulmate, but also helps them earn more money, improve other relationships, and massively improve their self-image.


The 5 shifts people in healthy relationships made to get there.

Meet to Marry is not for you if…

You aren’t ready to prioritize yourself and your vision of feeling wanted, seen, safe and inspired.
You are okay to continue fruitless dating and settling for less than you truly want and deserve.
You want to keep giving to others instead of receiving and you’ve given up and believe that love isn’t in the cards for you.


See results from people who were once standing in your shoes.

“I found a man who is EVEN BETTER than I ever imagined.”

Jacqueline Brown
Billings, MT

“I’m living a dream that’s everything that I wanted and beyond.  The more I’m with him the more it’s a ‘hell yeah!’ every day”

Rebecca Schleifer
Savannah, GA

Bari was the catalyst for me to finally realize the universe has my soulmate out there for me, which enabled me to confidently set foot on the journey to find him!”

Tina De
Poughkeepsie, NY

Is it right for you?

The only way to know is to watch the training.

What makes Meet to Marry different?

We were never taught how to find the right person in modern society. So it’s no wonder you haven’t been successful at finding love in the same way you create success in other areas of your life.

You deserve to experience and receive healthy love! You are good enough!

20 years ago I was successfully coaching career professionals to bust through their limits into their dream job and massive abundance.

But my love life – when existent – was a hot mess.

How could I be so successful in ALL other areas of my life but still keep picking these wrong men? After a series of relationships with men who were emotionally unavailable to me, I hit rock bottom when I found myself in yet another relationship with a narcissist that I tried very hard to make work.

I despaired over why I continued to be stuck in cement shoes, wearing rose colored glasses, settling–without a clear plan! After all, I was a good, self-aware person always working on myself and yet things didn’t change!

I realized that the various kinds of personal growth work I was doing to “work on myself” like therapy, mindfulness, energy healing, reading books and attending seminars– while great, were not a practical solution to the biggest problem I faced! Making poor choices and losing precious time bending myself into a pretzel trying to make unworkable things, work.

That’s when I took everything I knew about coaching, personal growth, spirituality, psychology, science, planning and transformation and applied it myself to find the right person for me.

When that method worked for me, I started working with the same professionals who I helped find the right job to now find the right person.

And soon, the Meet to Marry Method™ was born!

Today, I have helped countless singles find their match, and the love of my life Michael and I have been happily married 17 years, living our shared dream life on Compassion Farm just south of Miami.
Bari & Michael | Married 8.23.04