Pfttttttt. I have two questions for you.

Question #1

Would you call a classical pianist, the dean of a prestigious law school, the world’s foremost authority on chip technology, and a tireless advocate for our nation’s veterans low-quality?

I don’t.

These are all people who are on dating sites on any given day – like right now.

Sure, everyone has been catfished on dating site by a man who lied about his height to a 5’11” woman who wants to date a taller man. Or a woman who used a photo from 25 years ago because “she didn’t have a more current photo.” Really?

Oh, and I once dated a guy who lied about just getting a divorce so “he’s taking it slow.” Found out he had been divorced for five years and just had a fear of intimacy.

But those are exceptions.

The truth is that attractive hard working busy, successful people lead exciting full lives and little time to mingle. They join online dating sites to find like-minded people.

And they are there right now.

Question #2

Is it even a little possible you’re using online dating sites the wrong way?

The harsh reality is that the difference between an online dating success story and you is ONLY what you believe about it.

Online dating sites are neither good or bad. They exist. They are there. That’s the only truth. Only your thought or judgement about them makes them high-quality hangouts or low-quality dives.

If your expectation is that low-quality people hang out online, that’s the experience you are creating and I’m 100% sure that will happen.

You are that powerful. You will make that happen.

There’s a belief inside of you calling all the online dating site catfishers to you – because that’s what you’re focused on.

You might be focused on it because of:

  • A fear of getting hurt.
  • A fear of intimacy.
  • Maybe you secretly think you’re “low-quality.”

Whatever your focus is, I want to help you right now with one BIG UNIVERSAL TRUTH:

You block what you judge.

If you want high-quality people to come into your life in person or online, you are literally blocking them from finding you RIGHT NOW because you’re judging people to be low-quality.  

  • Your brain will find low-quality people to match your belief. It’s what your brain does best. 
  • The universe will support your belief that all you meet are low-quality people by sending you … you guessed it … low quality people!

If you’re ready to meet higher quality people offline or online, stop judging and get to the root of your beliefs to call in true love from every corner of the world – or solar system (I’m not judging).

Call me for a free one-hour strategy session to call in high-quality people starting now.