Why do we leave the most fulfilling experience on our planet – true love – up to “kismet?”

Charting a plan to meet and marry the man or woman of your dreams isn’t desperate or pathetic. You don’t even book a vacation trip without a plan because. . .

. . .it’s smart as hell. Things can go sideways really fast if you don’t.

YOU are smart as hell.

I wanted to share four myths and one major truth bomb about finding your soulmate – because not having a plan is still having a plan. . . it’s just a bad plan.

Myth #1: It’ll happen when it happens.

How’d that work out while you’re going to next weekend’s family reunion without a partner. . .again? You’re still waiting for it to happen. Right? We all love “how I met” stories about high-school sweethearts, but reality is that “it’ll happen when it happens” ends up in divorce 50% of the time. You are smarter than that.

Myth #2: Meditation will attract my soulmate.

I love meditation! Calming and grounding yourself on a daily basis is so important to your health and to any relationship you might have. But unless you happen to meet Mr. or Ms. Right in the meditation aisle in your local bookstore (yeah, it’s possible) there isn’t enough focused action to win the love of your life. You are smarter than that.

Myth #3: Therapy will make me more ready.

I’m also a fan of therapy, but spending years on a couch analyzing the past doesn’t get you focused on how you want to feel, what you want in a soulmate, and how to find them. Like Byron Katie says, “When I argue with the past, I lose 100% of the time.” You are smarter than that.

Myth #4: It’s a numbers game.

Your life isn’t Las Vegas and your heart’s not a Blackjack table. Sure, you might meet the man or woman of your dreams after thousands of awful dates and broken relationships, but you’ll be so jaded and wounded by then, will you care? Worse, will they even be able to recognize you. Why do this to yourself? Would you chew broken glass? You are smarter than that.

The truth is that it’s not your weight, your income, your past, volume, kismet, destiny, your location, or any of that!!!

I’ve found the One!! We both have the same goals visions and he has all the qualities I have been looking for and envisioned. We’re planning a summer wedding. He is kind, loving, caring, devoted, motivated, hardworking,
and bit of a romantic, which is a huge plus for me.

I don’t remember ever connecting with someone on such a deep level and truly feeling like I’m being myself and more with him. I also never thought I would date someone and become engaged within the span of 6 weeks but when it clicks, it clicks.

Much love, Ella, New York City

Finding the fellow human you WANT to grow old with takes a plan – a strategic practical way to get there, that includes:

  • Clear vision
  • Being marriage ready yourself
  • A dating plan, including how to find the right dates
  • Words to express your vision
  • A healthy perspective

You are smart as hell.

Give up your limiting beliefs like “I’m not good enough” and CREATE a new dating experience that leads to love, marriage, and the life of your dreams.

I can’t wait to help you get there. Call us today for a free private strategy call.

I believe in you!