A recent USA Today article analyzed the findings of the second annual “Singles in America” poll. According to researchers, “46.8% of singles are not actively looking for a relationship but say that if they met the right person they would consider it.”

Not looking, but if it happens it happens?  How can it happen without intentionality?

Realizing your dreams requires intentionality

What great things in life happen by accident?  Did your great career just fall into your lap? How about your education, your certifications, your skills, your friendships, your toned body? Of course not. All of these things require proactive engagement, knowing your intentions, and seeking them wholeheartedly.

Are you hiding your dreams (out of fear)?

If you are someone who truly wants to find love, this passive “wait and see” attitude can be that which is keeping you from achieving your dream of partnership and unconditional love.  Don’t hide out, worrying about what others will think, or engage in “well what if it doesn’t happen” thinking.

Life is life and it take its course.  But you must be open.  Ask yourself: why don’t you share your dream of finding “the one”? The answer will most likely clue you in to a blind spot. Once you uncover this blind spot, you can open up and allow love in your life.

In all areas of life, people who think like winners (with positive energy and powerful intentionality) score big!

Start living with intentionality today. Envision your “dream life” and act in ways that will cause it to happen for you.