Looking For The Clear Path to A Perfect Match?

Even singles who have tried everything From dating sites to match makers, singles events to therapy, have breakthroughs with the Meet to Marry Method™. 

In this seminar, Bari reveals:

  • Why what they’ve been doing hasn't been working
  • How to discover and dissolve what's really getting in the way of finding "the one”
  • Proven techniques to make dating feel more authentic and relaxed, with matches that have true potential
  • The #1 shortcut for finding true love
  • Successful ways of raising their standards to meet—and keep—their ideal partner
  • A surprising way to find their perfect match

  • The #1 secret “detox” strategy that clears your path and releases hidden obstacles in your way… to quickly close the gap between the love life you have now and the one you want to have…
  • How to create your clear vision for how YOU want to feel in your relationship (so you’ll attract someone who has your best interests at heart and who will make you feel safe and taken care of)
  • How to shift your mindset to BELIEVE it can happen for YOU (and experience the thrill of knowing “The One” you’ve been waiting for is actually out there so you will recognize them when you see them)!

Get your questions answered live and get started on your journey to to meet your perfect match!

It's a fun, low-stress way to meet others.

    • Meet veg singles in person, without judgement or rejection.
    • No pressure to tell anyone whether you like them.
    • No exchanging contact info at the event.
    • Confidential match results by midnight.

Expect a fun, friendly, and incredibly effective way to meet veg singles. Think of speed dating like mini-chats, just getting to know someone, face-to-face, for a few minutes. Spots are limited to 30 participants, because we've found that an intimate, get-to-really-know-you setting works the best for making real connections.

Either during or after the event, you'll let us know who you'd like to get to know better, using our convenient online matching system. It's easy to use, smartphone compatible, and serves up your results faster than any other speed dating provider.

Get your questions answered live and get started on your journey to to meet your perfect match!

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