how we help you create lasting transformations

+ find your soulmate in months not years!

phase 1:
Finding the one

Discover yourself in a Whole Life Transformation Transcending Trauma, The Past and Patterns. These are the Inner Shifts to remove all of your barriers to love.

Phase 1. Finding the One, is an Inner Life Transformation where you discover yourself (separate from the past) as we connect to your true essence. We spend the first few weeks clearing out and transforming the barriers to intimacy within you that manifest as fears, doubts, walls, trust issues, insecurities, incompletions and limited beliefs. These hidden barriers bog us down and keep us from being clear, vulnerable (in a healthy way) and truly connected to our values.  These barriers have caused us to repel love, to compromise our values, settle and waste precious time NOT having we want and truly need.

By clearing the inner space you will no longer ask:  “Why not me?”  Instead you’ll understand that yes, you deserve to find your soulmate and that person is waiting for you on the other side of your comfort zone.  You become so clear about yourself, your essence and your value — free from past constraints so you no longer date unconsciously or recreate your childhood trauma in every relationship, feeling misunderstood and disappointed.

phase 1: Finding the One
inner shifts

Identify and fix what is holding you back from finding true love and keeping you in a cycle of unhealthy and disappointing relationship patterns.
Clear out and transform the barriers to intimacy that manifest as fears, doubts, insecurities, incompletions, and limiting beliefs.
Break free from the past so you’re no longer dating unconsciously or recreating childhood challenges and trauma in every relationship.

Discover lifelong tools to be connected to your wholeness enabling you to create a conscious, growing and healthy lifetime relationship on a real foundation with your best friend.

Develop new healthy mindset that allows you to open up space inside yourself for true reciprocal and connected love to thrive.

Identify your true relationship vision, core values, and life goals as you integrate and embody it all with total clarity.
You’ll finish this phase with new found clarity having broken free from everything that was keeping you stuck in love.  You are now ready to move forward with a new, clear sense of self with a clear vision, embodiment and real goals to invite in the right person for you.

phase 2: Outer shifts
dating camp

Your Empowered Dating plan to find your soulmate

Now that you’re feeling clear, refreshed and integrated within yourself, you’re now ready to embark on finding your soulmate!  Now you move into Dating Camp, where you discover a new paradigm of healthy, principled dating to invite in the right one for you. 

In this phase you learn everything you need to know to the person who is right for you now and we do it!  You become an Empowered Conscious Dater inviting in the right ones with with your hand held! You’re feeling fully supported and excited because nothing is conceptual!  You become an Empowered Conscious Dater with an action plan, where you’re in the driver’s seat of your dating life–never wasting time.  Imagine dating being fun since it’s directed! 

On powerful, healthy mindset and readiness, you learn “how” and “where” to find your person in a way that fits into your schedule, your principles and your values.  It feels good!  As part of the plan, we co-create your Soulmate Invitation Profile that is an invitation to the right one for you–much like a butler invites in the right guests and and turns away the wrong ones. It express who you are, what you value, your goals in a way that the right one can see themselves in your life.  No more fear of “scaring the person off” or games or “getting inside the minds of men” or becoming more “goddess-like.”  

Imagine having a clear and powerful way to approach dates as a meaningful encounter with a powerful way to share your vision and understand if your date is someone who could be a great match, how to end a date with clarity so you never waste time in mystery.

Imagine having someone hold your hand and help you navigate with a real process that is effective, uplifting and even spiritual. No more wasting time.  That is Empowered Conscious Dating!

phase 2: dating camp
The outer shifts

Learn how to become an Empowered Dater who is in the driver’s seat of your dating life (and having fun!) since you’re no longer attracting those who are a mirror to your hidden fears and blindspots!

Discover how to find dates who are actually ready and looking for the same things you are.

Create your Soulmate Invitation Profile that is like a butler inviting in only the right people and turning away the wrong ones.

Learn the powerful Share & Ask process to foster meaningful, authentic conversations and engage with the right mindset and approach so you never waste time wrong people.
Discover a clear, powerful and enjoyable way to approach each date as a meaningful encounter.

Learn how win in all areas of your life as you date in full self expression, ready to receive feeling seen and fully supported.

Find out how move forward and end every date with clarity so you never waste your time on uncertainties.

Feel empowered and in the driver’s seat of your dating, enjoying the process knowing you’re being effective, feeling supported, on-target and clear that you’re meeting the right people.
In this phase, you’re executing on your goal using an actionable game plan to find your true love. (and actually ENJOY dating!!)

the experience is immersive and includes:

12 modules of video based curriculum and instructional action items in a members area
— Phase 1 – Finding the One: 6 modules
— Phase 2 – Dating Camp: 6 modules

2 weekly live coaching sessions on Zoom to apply and embody what you’re learning from the distinctions and new mindset shifts. (These are recorded). 

Secret FB community for just the participants to share celebrations, updates and support.

A Quick Start Success guide to prepare you for a powerful experience on healthy mindset! 

1:1 Bye Bye Blindspots workshop to discover your blindspot and transform it so you feel free and clear with new tools for life!

A special gift we send you that that will support you every single day of this experience and beyond!

Companion guide workbook with worksheets, exercises and guideposts

A daily text to support you 

Accountability partnership to stay on track, connected and in structure


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