Someone emailed me the other day to tell me that she wasn’t ready to participate in Make It Happen This Year.

She wasn’t ready to invest in herself. She wasn’t ready to invest in finding true love. Instead, she wanted to wait six months.

But here’s the thing…. I could clearly see that there was a payoff for her not participating or investing in herself today.

Can you see it, too?

Or let me ask you this in another way:

What’s the payoff for you not changing your life?
What’s the payoff for you saying “no” to new possibilities?
And what’s the payoff for you staying in your comfort zone?

Did you figure it out yet?

Yep. You get to be right.

That’s the payoff.

You get to validate your beliefs around love:

“No, there’s no one out there for me.”
Or “God forgot all about me.”
Or “I’m not worthy.”

You get to be a victim of your circumstances and a slave to your past.

You get to stay in EXACTLY the same place.

And, the worst part is, you don’t get to live the life of your dreams!

How’s THAT for being right?

And look, I totally get this way of thinking.

I get it because . . . I was there once, too. For 15 years, I failed at love—the thing I so desperately wanted, more than anything.

But at long last, I realized something: I realized I needed to change my mindset around love and cultivate NEW beliefs that would actually support me on my journey, otherwise I wouldn’t get very far at all.

Wherever you are and however you’re feeling about love right now, I want you to know this: I believe in you. And not only that, but I believe Love is waiting for you just around the corner; waiting for you to open up and take a risk.

Even if you’ve had bad experiences in the past.
Even if you’ve felt unwilling to do that up until this point.

And if you’ve ever found yourself wondering, “But if it didn’t work for me before, why should it work now?”

The reason is this: Your past doesn’t equal your future.

In fact, you can create a new future for yourself.

But it’s going to take courage and it’s going to take faith. It’s going to require you let go of your limiting beliefs, your blind spots, and your wrong thinking. And it’s going to require that you let go of being right.

Because when you do that, everything changes.

And it might feel exciting or scary—or both!

But I promise you, when you’re FINALLY in the arms of your true love, it’ll all be worth it.

How will YOU step out of your comfort zone this year? You can comment on the Meet to Marry™ Facebook page or by emailing me at