Let me tell you a secret.

The key to successful dating is within you.

You might be frustrated and hardened from past dating experiences and relationships, but. . . .

If you want to really get out there and Be The One to Find The One, you’ve got to let your guard down and become vulnerable.

Vulnerable?  Why would I want to be vulnerable with someone I barely know?  How can I trust him or her? 

That’s what a lot of singles in my coaching programs ask when we discuss vulnerability.

Here’s the deal. . .

The whole point of dating is to discover a powerful connection and to feel loved and understood by another.

And trust me, I totally understand how negative experiences from the past can cause you to erect walls to protect yourself, but. . . .

You’re not going to find real love–amazing, soul-satisfying, lifetime love–if you’re not letting yourself be vulnerable enough to open up to connecting with the people you’re dating.

I want you to watch Brene Brown’s “The Power of Vulnerability” because her fascinating, funny, profound, and eye-opening talk will help you understand vulnerability in a new way.  She’ll help you shed old misconceptions about how vulnerability is a form of weakness and show you the true power of inner openness.

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How do Brown’s ideas about vulnerability connect to your own quest for love?

Are you willing to let yourself be authentic, vulnerable, and courageous in your meet to marry journey?

Is something getting in your way of becoming vulnerable but you can’t quite figure out how to dissolve it?  Feel free to share your questions and challenges in the comment box. Sign-up for a complimentary Breakthrough to Love Session.

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