Do you ever wonder why other people (who are not as smart or successful as you!) find love?

Baffling, right?

You know you have a lot to offer, but you’re not meeting quality people. You’re so discouraged that you are not even feeling motivated to date. But you know that you need to stay in the game.

Maybe you even pray about it.

People come to me all the time and tell me what they’ve done so far. They tell me that nothing (not even prayer!) has worked.

That’s because they’re not taking the right action. You need the right action, coupled with clear intention, to get results.

Action + Intention = Results.

I’m all about this. I don’t just believe stuff, I do stuff.

The Meet to Marry Method™ is built on a foundation of action, combined with intention, to get results.

You know you no longer want to be single or stuck in a hopeless pattern of go-nowhere relationships. But you need to add the right actions to your clear intention, and these will get you results.

So, I ask you, what’s standing in the way of your willingness to act? What can you do to remove those barriers? If you want to find the love you deserve–that lifelong partner–start by taking the right action, now. Then, a whole set of discrete and concrete actions will follow. These, coupled with clear intention, will get you to the results–you will find The One.

So don’t just pray about it. Take action!

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