In honor of Father’s Day, can we please redefine the term “man up?”

Old definition: Be tough. Don’t cry. Mask your vulnerability. Act aggressively.

Sigh. It’s expectations like this that can keep men–and women–from living the rich, honest, love-filled lives they want and deserve.

New definition: Get real. Be honest. Live your truth. Be responsible for your life and your relationships.

When you man up, when you woman up, you decide that you are going to take responsibility and be the person you should be, the person you want to be. You decide to seek the life—and the love—you want and deserve!

Whew! Isn’t that so much better? That is a positive, compelling, and inspiring definition. How will you apply this in your life? How will you man up or woman up, recognize what’s true for you, and make love happen?

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