Dating for marriage is anything but a passive approach to finding a lasting love. Here are the top three ways to change your dating reality today.

1. Choose your attitude (about dating) and change your dating life.

Think about how you feel when it’s Friday afternoon before a vacation to a tropical resort: your mood is happy and elevated. Then think about how you feel just thinking about the end your vacation, knowing you’ll be going back to real life. Your thoughts impact your feelings.

Imagine how it would feel to be in action, powerfully taking on the adventure of dating to find real love. Science has proven that we are not limited by our circumstances or our past; in fact, when we change our thoughts, our physiology actually changes!

Choose to change your attitude toward dating—see it as an exciting adventure and that is what it will become!


2. Make it your mission to learn about the elements of marriage readiness.

Marriage readiness includes maturity, generosity and self-awareness.

Beautiful, committed relationships do not happen accidentally. They happen by choices made by mature, marriage-ready singles that generate greatness in their lives daily.

Marriage-ready singles are generous and do not evaluate dates based on external superficial elements, but rather by the inner qualities of a person. They understand that true love is appreciating another person’s goodness.

And finally, self-aware singles know their past and own their own “stuff” and don’t project their fears on others.


3. Reject pack mentality and create your own dating reality.

If your dating experiences thus far have not been successful, keep in mind that the past does not equal the future. Sometimes what appears to be true may not be true at all, but are just experiences that you can transcend. You can uncover your blind spots and blockages related to how you view yourself, dating and marriage.

You can conquer your fears and become marriage ready! We can all fulfill our human desire to attach to another by simply opening ourselves up to live our true mission.

Reject negative thinking, date for marriage and expect to find the beauty in each person you date until the day comes that you meet the one with whom everything aligns.