What if you told the truth….

What if you refused to hide your true self….

What if you shared who you are–clearly, powerfully, at the right time….

This is what empowered dating looks like.

Recently, Naomi, a former Meet to Marry™ coaching client who has since become a dear friend, wrote this:

I started coaching with Bari in August 2009. In the nearly 10 months that followed, I could tell that I was getting closer and closer to finding the right man for me, because the men I dated were getting better. I was no longer going after the “wrong type.”

One Sunday evening, I was on JDate just looking around. All of a sudden, Vadim popped up that he was online. I checked out his profile. He was so cute! I noticed right away that he was a Republican… a Jewish Republican? Get out! I messaged him immediately and said something like, “A Jewish Republican is difficult to find! Even though you’re in Michigan, and I’m in Florida, I wanted to say hi.”

He messaged me back. After 15 minutes of typing back and forth, we switched to a phone call.

It was amazing. We had instant chemistry, and even though he gave me every reason in the world not to date him, I knew I had to get to know him! He had just gotten through a divorce and wasn’t looking for anything serious. However, after 3 days of talking on the phone, he asked when he could meet me.

I flew to Michigan 10 days after meeting him on JDate. We really hit it off, and I remember thinking after our first real date that I had just had my last first date.

He came to visit me for my birthday in July, and I asked him what his timeline for marriage was. Because he wasn’t looking to get married, he said around 2 years.

I followed with, “That doesn’t work for me.”

He asked what my timeline was. I said “max? 6 months!”

He laughed and choked on his water.

In September, when he came to visit me again, we got engaged.

In December 2010, just 6 months after meeting, we were married in Florida.

I moved to Michigan. Our daughters were born in February 2012 and June 2013.

It will be 7 years in December, and we couldn’t be happier.

I still tell everyone about Bari’s coaching. I really cannot express how valuable her coaching and support were.

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