Nothing means more to me than when a client experiences the life-changing breakthroughs that lead to finding “the one.”

Recently, Pamela shared the profound journey she’s taken over the past year:

I had always attracted men who were not available at an emotional level and did not fulfill my emotional needs. I had settled for unhealthy and unfulfilling relationships in the past. While I had participated in self-discovery programs and also had private life coaches and a spiritual mentor for over 12 years, these programs did not have the deep and lasting impact over time that I experienced with MTM.

I found out about the Meet to Marry MethodTM upon joining JDate. I used MTM’s Dating Profile Blueprint to change my online dating profile. I had an immediate change in the response and acceptance of the men I was contacting online. Therefore, I signed up for a free preliminary coaching session with Bari. This session was exceptional. I joined Meet to Marry toward the end of 2015.

I learned to let go of my old paradigms, and connect to my inner beauty and strength. I was deeply transformed and empowered, and this created an opening and a magnet to attract a wonderful man.

I had never participated before in a dating coaching program. However, MTM is carried out on a daily basis, and the acquired skills and information are internalized at a spiritual, intellectual and physical level, bringing about a deep and lasting change. We receive one on one advice and guidance from Bari and also the support of a community that roots for us and our success. MTM is a deeply life transforming experience that empowers us to find and choose assertively.

The MTM program masters fundamental coaching principles and guidelines, and has carefully designed modules that take us on a spiritual journey of self-discovery and inner healing. We are guided to achieve a higher level of self-awareness, and we incorporate dating principles and standards based on values and respect.

First of all, I learned that believing in myself and committing to the MTM program was instrumental to my success. I verified that the MTM slogan ‘be the one to find the one’ is essential. Once I learned to identify my core values and relationship vision, I was able to attract the right person. Now that I´ve met my soul mate, my life has been enhanced and elevated.

I feel loved, cherished and truly valued. Our relationship allows us to share love and to become better as individuals and as a couple. I feel more energized motivated, and my life is more meaningful. Finding true love is a privilege accessible to all who truly commit full heartedly.

Everything makes our relationship unique and special. All my emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical needs are met. I am cherished and we share values, life style and world vision. Our relationship strengthens me, and I have become a better person. MTM has proven to me that true and healthy love are possible. MTM helps us tap to our inner strength and raise our standards to be free from unhealthy thinking patterns, self-sabotage and unfulfilling relationships.

I believe that finding the right match is one of the most important decisions of our lives. In making the right choice, we take our lives to a higher level, creating healthy families, communities and a better world.

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