Welcome to the Meet to Marry™ blog! I’m back from a blogging hiatus after months of creative focus and I have quite a lot to share with you!

It was a period of concentrated effort on dozens of projects and working with the many people involved in building and living the Meet to Marry™ vision.  A Geico commercial asks: Have you been living under a rock?  My answer is that I have been single-mindedly focused on the mission of helping you to find love. I’m rubbing my eyes and shaking off the dust, and I can finally feel the sun on my face and much gratitude.

Now that we’re back, we’ll share and chronicle with you the many Meet to Marry™ stories of love, success, and breakthroughs via video, interviews, tips, and stories.  The most exciting of which is the launch of the coaching programs.  Dreams do come true!

People often ask me what Meet to Marry™ is about and I describe it as follows:

Meet to Marry™ is a principled philosophy for finding the person you’ve always dreamed of marrying in a three step approach:
1)   Assessing yourself (becoming the one)
2)   Articulating what you are looking for in a spouse
3)   Acting to find him or her

Why?  Because if you’re human, you deserve to find unconditional love and partnership and to live the life you’ve always dreamed.  We help you to dream and to articulate it.  Here’s to unlimited possibilities!

Dream big.