I always love to share success stories because I want others – you included – to realize that there’s hope and that true love can and will happen for you and the key is being truly marriage-ready.

One such story is that of Joan, a 54 year old successful, attractive, super warm and self-aware person. On the surface, Joan seemed normal and happy. Deep down, however, she was struggling with her love life. I recently chatted with Joan and asked her a few pointed questions about her journey.

Here’s what she had to say.

Bari: What was your dating and love life like before Meet To Marry?

Joan: “I dated a lot and had many, many relationships…Most of them lasted from 6 months to 2 years but they were never ‘deep.’ I was even in an on again/off again relationship for over a decade with a guy who didn’t want to ever get married, even told me that several times but I felt that I could get him if I was prettier or skinnier or more successful.
I was always afraid to show the ‘real’ me because I didn’t really know who that was or how to express it with a man. I would date guys for a variety of reasons…because they were cute or rich or pursued me. Many times I would stay in a relationship with a guy I knew wasn’t right for me just because I didn’t want to have to date again or be alone.”

Bari: Did it click right away?

Joan: “Unfortunately, no. I initially started the MTM program in April of 2014 when I was living in the Middle East. I didn’t do what you wanted me to do then because I guess I just wasn’t ready. I ended up getting my heart broken 2 more times before I finally decided to listen. When I started the program again in late April 2016, this time I was committed and willing to follow your advice. I truly took a leap of faith. 2 months later, I was dating again and now I’ve met my soul mate and he is so much more than I ever even imagined!”

Bari: What was your biggest discovery about yourself? What was holding you back that you couldn’t see, or your biggest ‘aha’ moment?

Joan: “I would have to say it was learning that a marriage should be based on our emotional needs. I never knew that. That was very foreign to me. I spent most of my life trying to get rich, stay skinny and sexy and be the ‘perfect’ woman so that I was lovable…that was such a lonely way to live but that was all I knew. I grew up controlling my emotions and would never be vulnerable or let a man know what I needed emotionally, as I was just too ashamed …it was all in my head or as I learned, my blind spot.”

Bari: What ultimately made the difference for you? What changes did you experience?

Joan: “Over the years, I’ve tried just about everything. I completed Tony Robbins mastery university, have had several very expensive match makers, been through Landmark Forum and was a personal development student for decades trying to make myself perfect so someone would love me…I spent most of my life trying to make myself skinny and rich so I could be loved…well, it didn’t work. What you taught me is the only thing that has worked. I followed your advice, even though I didn’t always agree with it and was scared at times.”

After just a couple of sessions, Joan was also able to shift her thought process and recognize that she didn’t have to wait to be richer, sexier, prettier, skinnier or more successful to have the love she truly craved and deserved. That she is perfect just as she is.

In June of 2016, Joan met the love of her life on a popular dating site. After a few Skype calls, he flew her to Hawaii where they met in person. They’ve been together ever since. Next month, the happy couple will be officially moving in together in Salt Lake City, where he is currently building Joan the house of her dreams.

Bari: What’s the most wonderful thing about having met your one?

Joan: “It’s been kind of surreal….all he wants to do is to make me happy…it’s like he was made for me. I feel cared for, beautiful, worthy, sexy, happy, excited and most of all, I feel a peace and calmness I haven’t felt for a long time…I feel loved and it’s all real!”

Bari: What do you want other singles to know?

Joan: “I want everyone to know that what you want is there for you…all you need to do is get out of your own way and have someone help you break through your ‘blind spots.’ I waited until I was 54…don’t wait like I did! It really doesn’t take long with the Meet To Marry Method.

It happened really fast for me and I am still at times blown away but in a good way… we travel together, he takes care of me, makes me coffee, opens doors for me…he even cleans the tub so I can enjoy my baths. But most of all, I learned how to communicate from my heart. For the first time in my life, my emotional needs are being met and I feel safe and cared for and loved and beautiful.”

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Joan didn’t share her story to brag or show off. She did so because she wants other people – women and men alike – who are going through the same meaningless relationships and struggling to find real and lasting love to know that it CAN and WILL happen and that it’s never too late, but the time to start is NOW!

Are you feeling like Joan did – stuck, lonely and defeated? Do you feel like giving up? That it’s too late, or that you’re simply not cut out for real, healthy love? Let Joan’s success story be an inspiration to you! It’s never too late and you ARE worthy of love. All it takes is making that first step in the right direction.

Don’t risk waking up 6 months or – like Joan, 2 years from now – still in the same rut you’re in today. Book a Breakthrough to Love Session and start working on your own ‘happily ever after’ story today!