The Meet to Marry™ method guides you through the process of making the inner and outer transformations that are essential for finding your perfect match. This week, we’re focusing on what you can do to look and feel your best when you’re single and dating.


Natalie Tincher, owner of Buttoned Up, is sharing with you some very valuable insights and tips.

I really love her approach because she truly gets to know her clients and helps them create a style that reflects their unique personality. She asks you lots of questions about your goals, lifestyle, interests, and priorities because she wants to make sure your new style reflects these important things.


Don’t just take it from me. One of the single men I coach worked with Natalie and has this to say about his experience:

“Natalie is easy going, open minded, and makes you feel comfortable asking any questions. She has a great sense of taste and doesn’t push you to buy stuff that is above your budget. She lets you know when you look good in something and is tactful when letting you know why something may not look so good on you.”


How did you get into style consulting?

When I moved to New York City, I wanted to merge my passion for helping people with my interest in fashion. After taking courses in image consulting at the Fashion Institute of Technology to learn the principles of cut, color, and silhouettes, I set about creating Buttoned Up.

Since starting Buttoned Up in 2010, I have served hundreds of clients in the NY area. I believe in helping people create a style that makes them feel comfortable and authentic. It’s not about what celebrities or magazines tell you to wear. I love hearing from clients who feel they have renewed confidence because they feel good in what they are wearing and the image they are projecting.

Why is style so meaningful and not just a superficial luxury?

Your style should reflect your individuality: your lifestyle, body type, coloring, personality, career, and the image you want to project. Having a style doesn’t have to be expensive or vapid. Everyone has to get dressed every day, and it should be in clothing that enhances your unique self.

What are the biggest challenges men face in terms of style and what are your solutions?

Hands down the hardest thing for men is finding the right fit. There are fewer cuts and silhouettes available to men, so tailoring needs to be impeccable. I recommend every man befriend a good tailor and use him or her! If there are too many alterations, men should invest in custom shirts, which can be surprisingly affordable.

I also find a lot of my male clients have more trouble with weekend wear than with business attire, as it requires a bit more mixing and matching and creativity. One tip is to choose a style icon—a man whose style you like in relation to the look you want to achieve—and emulate a look or two of his as you work out your personal tastes. Invest in the key pieces that you are drawn to. Often I find this is a great pair of shoes and a sport coat. These items are versatile and long lasting, so you can feel good about the money spent.

What are the biggest challenges women face in terms of style and what are your solutions?

I find women are sometimes too driven by what’s trendy. I had a client who purchased a lot of big drape-y blouses because that’s what all of her mom friends were wearing and what she saw celebrities wearing in magazines. The problem was that this silhouette on her petite hourglass frame overwhelmed her and was not the most flattering. Fashion is cyclical and there will be times when trends suit you and times when they don’t. Capitalize on those times when they do, and hold off when they don’t. There is no need to chase a trend if it doesn’t suit you.

Many women also get in the habit of buying pieces that don’t fill a gap in their closet. For instance, during one client’s closet consultation, I found that she had at least 10 navy-and-white striped shirts. That’s a lot of stripes! But she was missing a number of key pieces that would help her round out her style and create what we call in the industry a Capsule Wardobe.

It is always important to shop with a purpose and know what you need in order to avoid the dreaded “buyer’s remorse.” Two easy questions to ask yourself before making a purchase are: “Can I make at least 3 outfits out of this using pieces I already own?” “Is this filling a hole in my closet or do I have a similar piece that serves the same purpose?”

What should men and women take into consideration about style on their first dates?

Men and women both need to project a style that feels authentic. For instance, if you’re a woman who never wears heels, then don’t try to wear them on a first date! You will likely be so distracted and worried about tripping that you won’t be focused on your date.

You want to put your best foot forward. Make sure your clothing is pressed, shoes are shined, etc.. Don’t be sloppy. These little details show you put effort and thought into your date and that you are confident and take pride in your appearance.


Natalie Tincher combined her zest for fashion, passion for people, and Fashion Institute of Technology training to create Buttoned Up, a New York City-based image consulting and personal shopping firm. Her company offers a wide range of services to both individuals and groups—making life easier for busy clients. These services include wardrobe styling, personal shopping, corporate image training and branding, in-home workshops and seminars, and closet organization. Exhibiting versatility and industry knowledge, she has also styled on-camera personalities, NBA & MLS players, and worked New York Fashion Week runway shows and showrooms.

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