Dating for marriage requires a different approach than regular dating, and, best of all, it empowers you to find your own happiness. At Meet to Marry™, we believe the process of finding your soul mate is best understood with a three-phase approach:


1. Be the One to Find the One.

How are you keeping yourself from relationship success? Identify your blind spots—do you always fall for someone based upon an initial chemical reaction? Has a previous relationship negatively impacted how you handle relationships now?

Dating for marriage requires you to reassess your reality and stop those negative untruths from springing to mind. You are not unlovable; you are worthy of love.


2. Identify What Real Attraction Means for You.

It’s nice to share interests with a partner, but it’s not necessary.

Consider what values you carry that you won’t compromise on. Do you need someone who shares your religious views? What are your emotional needs in a relationship?

Create a vision of your ideal spouse in your mind and seek their real-life counterpart. Dating for marriage means discovering someone who shares a lifelong bond with you, not a temporary fling of passion.


3. Give Yourself Over to Meaningful Dating.

It’s all well and good to imagine your ideal spouse, but dating for marriage requires actual dating as well. Make a plan of action and act on it.

Mark times on your calendar for dating-related activities. Tell your friends and family what kind of person you are seeking and let them help you in your search.


You don’t have to leave finding your soul mate to chance; you can affect your dating reality!