Money is on everyone’s minds these days, so this week I’m answering the question that I get asked most frequently: How much money do I need before I’m ready to get married?

Eric recently got in touch with me and shared his painful dating struggles and how he hasn’t clicked with anyone in spite of the books he’s read, lectures he’s attended, and personal growth courses he’s taken.

In fact, he gave me a list of all the things he feels are working against him–like being 35, divorced, and a single parent.  Then there was the issue of English not being his first language.  But the biggest flaw in his mind is that he’s not yet completely financially independent.

I could immediately tell that he has everything going for him. . .even though he’s worried about money.

He’s smart, feels happiest when giving, and really wants to have a big family–with 10 children.  His real estate business is starting to grow, thanks, in part, to the support of his family members who are also in the business.  He expects to close his first big deal within the next 2 months.

Eric’s great, but doesn’t know it.

He needs to recognize how much he has to offer someone right now and how a relationship with the right person will only accelerate his entire process.

Are you like Eric?

Do you worry that you don’t have enough money and that you can’t attract your perfect match when your financial life isn’t at its peak?  Or do you fear you don’t have enough education or come from the right kind of family or don’t have the best body?

Watch this brief video to learn 3 simple tips for overcoming these worries so that you can get out there and find your true love.

What questions do you have about money and relationships?  I’m creating a series on the topic and want to make sure to answer your burning questions!

I’d love it if you let me know what you find most useful about the tips in the video.