We’re entering the holiday season, a time of joy, light and festivities.

But it’s not always so joyful when it seems like everyone is paired off and you’re still single. Of course, you’re happy for them, but still it stings. Hearing the yearly “So….what’s new in your love life?” from the many well-intentioned people who care about you only intensifies the sting.

They are worried, and so are you. . . and this can cause you to feel even more frustrated and down about your situation.

These feelings are completely understandable, but. . . .

Negativity isn’t attractive.

Guess what?

Negativity can actually prevent you from finding what you want and need most—someone who “gets you.” It isn’t going to attract the person who’s going to embrace your being and join forces with you to create an amazing life filled with what matters most.

Think about it. Are you attracted to people who are downbeat and cynical? No.

So what can you do?

You can feel happy even when you’re still single.  Take on an attitude of gratitude.

Gratitude is a state of mind that can actually change your situation.


  1. EMBRACE THE FACT THAT YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN UNIQUE JOURNEY.Some people are early bloomers and others bloom later. We’re all on a different path and on a different time frame.You are in the perfect place for you.

    As you probably know, when the timing is right, things work out.

    But when you haven’t gotten married by your deadline or you’ve repeatedly found yourself in dead-end relationships, you start comparing yourself to others and feel that “it’s not fair.”

    Consider this: “What you resist persists.”

    If you are down and negative about “what is” (that you are single), you are actually going against the flow of life. Resisting what is gets you all knotted up on the inside. Imagine a hose that has a knot in it. Even when the water is turned on, it can’t get past the knot, so it backs up. The same is true for your negativity. When we feel uptight and hold on to regrets, we aren’t a clear channel for love.

    Open up to gratitude by just allowing yourself to accept yourself where you are right now.

  2. KNOW THAT YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE YOUR REALITY.If you start experimenting with new ways of thinking, next year you can actually be married to the spouse of your dreams.Do you know why?

    The past does not have to determine your future.

    Try this visualization technique. Imagine how it will feel to have your beloved by your side while sharing the holiday festivities. Imagine it as though it’s already happened. How will it feel to be at the dinner table with him/her? How will it feel it give and receive gifts of appreciation and to have fun together? Then, make a commitment to hold on to—to exude—these feelings of joy and care.

    You’re not resisting what it is. You’re tapping into the joy inside yourself and starting to express it to the world.

    Positivity is attractive.


Date yourself or treat yourself as you want to be treated in your future marriage.

Many people miss this simple truth.

We attract what we send out.

When we think about ourselves and wallow in self-pity, it’s a very low vibration state and we attract that same energy.

Choose to get out of yourself and help others!

Make a plan to volunteer at a soup kitchen, at an animal shelter or with the elderly. And while you are offering service, be grateful for what you have–for your ability to share–and recognize that each passing day brings new possibilities into your life.

You can change and you can change your life.

We need constant reminders of the blessings in our lives. . . to keep this attitude of gratitude alive.

So each day, when you wake up, write 3 things in your journal that you are grateful for, make a commitment to share yourself and a commitment to grow and leave your comfort zone. And you’ll be setting yourself up to be a twosome in 2014.


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