Hurricane Irma visited its wrath on Florida last week. Here in Miami Beach, we expected the worst, so we’d planned to evacuate with our pets to safer ground. But, as the forecast showed that it would veer west, we decided to stay home.

But this experience reminded us of our gratitude for each other, and how important it is to have a loving partner to share stress, difficulties, and yes, comforts. Next week, I’m going to reflect more on the hurricane.

Right now, though, I want to share my thoughts about another phenomenon of nature: last month’s eclipse–the first total solar eclipse in 38 years.

Here’s how the total solar eclipse is like finding love (and how it’s not at all like finding love!):

It’s not complicated, expensive, or out of reach. To experience the eclipse, you didn’t need those special glasses (which were totally sold out, anyway). To experience love, you don’t need to go on a wait list, purchase something rare, or craft something elaborate, either—your ordinary, home-grown, down-to-earth self will be quite enough.

Don’t look at it directly. Well, I do hope you took expert advice, averted your eyes, and protected them from injury. But I also hope you take my advice, and look directly at your dating and relationship reality. Because if you are stuck single, or caught in a series of unfulfilling relationships, there is yet much to be seen and understood.

It doesn’t have to hurt. Maybe your past has been painful; you’ve had hurtful relationships or difficult break-ups. Who hasn’t? But know this: When you find The One, he or she will be loving, supportive, and good. True love doesn’t hurt.

Everyone can experience it. This great phenomenon is there, right in front of you, all around you, in all its natural glory. (Wait, are we talking about the solar eclipse? Or about love?)