Three weeks ago, during my free online workshop, “Your Burning Dating and Relationship Questions Answered,” I responded to several reader concerns.

But the problem was that I only had time to answer a few of the many questions that had been emailed to me in advance. And I really really want to help you, too.

Are you stuck in frustrating relationship patterns? (I can help you understand and change these patterns.)

Why do you keep attracting (and dating!) the wrong people? (Trust me; it doesn’t have to be that way.)

Do you feel ready to give up on love altogether? (Don’t do that!)

Yes, I want to help you and each and every person who is reading this right now to meet and marry The One.

It’s really possible. No matter your age, your past, your residence. The One is out there, and you can find him or her.

I know it, because I’ve seen it happen for thousands of singles just like you, all of whom came to me just as stuck and frustrated as you are right now. In fact, just this week, two Meet to Marry™ members announced their engagements (we’re so celebrating).

Because I believe in you, because I believe in the power of the Meet to Marry Method™, I’m inviting you to membership in a new Facebook group. The Dating Reset Facebook group was previously offered only to people who’ve taken our transformative quick-start course.

But now, I’m inviting all of you to the Dating Reset Facebook group–just because I believe in you and I want to help you reset your dating and relationship reality.

As a member of this group, you can:

  • Post your questions, comments, or concerns to the entire group.
  • Share your stories of dating and relationships.
  • Ask for feedback from the entire group…or just from me!
  • Offer–and receive–support from the other members.
  • Private message me.

As the group moderator, I’ll check in regularly to coach you and other singles just like you. I’ll answer questions, offer support, and describe my tested-and-proven tactics to meet the person of your dreams. Plus, you’ll get early notice of new webinars, Facebook live sessions, articles and books, and Meet to Marry™ courses.

Of course, there is no cost to join the Dating Reset Facebook group, and you can stay for as long as you wish.

Interested in joining? Just click here to join the conversation!