Do you ever feel like you are not enough?

Well, you are not alone! I mean, is there anyone on the planet who hasn’t struggled with feelings of low self-esteem, at some point or another? It’s a normal part of the human condition.

But, when you’re single and struggling, or challenged by a seemingly endless stream of go-nowhere relationships, it’s common to wonder “what’s wrong with me?” And then–you guessed it–your low self esteem makes your dating and relationship life even harder.

I know. I’ve been there.

Along the way, I’ve learned 10 powerful ways to boost your self esteem:

#1: Believe you’re worthy of love. Everyone, without exception, deserves lifetime love, including you.

#2: Date yourself. Spend time alone, and get to know yourself. Allow yourself time to think, feel, experience, and just breathe. Treat yourself the way you want to be treated when you’re married!

#3: Free yourself from the past. Yes, we’ve all made mistakes, and we all have regrets. Learn to let go of your painful past, because you don’t want it to run your present or ruin your future.

#4: Realize that what you do for you a living, or your appearance, age, or location don’t matter. People from every walk of life and from every corner of the planet find love. You don’t need a makeover, or to turn back the clock or make a cross-country move to find love.

#5: Parent yourself. Give yourself the unconditional love and support that you might not have gotten and still deserve, each and every day.

#6: Disregard the bad advice. Friends and family say all kinds of things they think are helpful, like “you’re too picky!” or “give it time!” Both are bad advice, so disregard!

#7: Identify your blind spots. What keeps tripping you up? Maybe you always go for the emotionally unavailable type or the commitment-phobe, or perhaps you have a lengthy laundry list of impossible qualifications for your perfect mate.

#8: Articulate your own values. See #2, above. If you don’t know who you are, deep down, how can you possibly feel good about yourself?

#9: Understand how you want to feel in a relationship. How you want to feel is valid. Understand it and embrace it.

#10: Know your vision for your future, and learn how to share it with confidence.

The power of the Meet to Marry Method™ is in participants’ ability to learn, internalize, and sustain these foundations for healthy self esteem. Request your 30-minute, complimentary Breakthrough to Love session now, and we’ll map out a way for you to get there, too.