Well, that makes two of us. I mean, what’s to like?

That awkwardness. Those stilted, five-minute conversations. The pre-evening anxiety, topped only by the post-event headache. That big, stuffy room full of nervous strangers, who, just like you, only want to find The One.

Yes. Speed dating is a room full of strangers, all of whom want to find The One. Which means that one of them might be your one.  

Recently, on Meet to Marry’s™ private Facebook group for program participants, two people shared very different feelings about speed dating:

One said it felt so forced, so painful, so much effort. Why, she felt, should she have to exert so much effort for an event like this? Why can’t it all just happen naturally?

The true facts? For many of us, meeting The One doesn’t just happen. While we’re working, being parents, going to school, exercising, and otherwise living our very busy everyday lives, it doesn’t just happen. We have to be intentional, focused, clear, and determined in every approach to dating (including speed dating).

Another Meet to Marry™ participant said that she had a very different kind of experience at a speed dating event:

“I don’t know that I necessarily connected with any one person as a potential date, but it was just all about being vulnerable and connecting to people in general. I had a thought I was so surprised by during the event. It was ‘If I wasn’t single, I wouldn’t have gotten to experience this event!’ That thought just came to my head–gratitude for being single which brought me to the event which I felt was  a profound experience of humanity.”

Now, I fully believe that both of these women will meet their perfect partners, or I wouldn’t be doing this work. Both women are immersing themselves fully in this journey. Both are challenging their own thinking–about themselves, about other people, about finding love. And both women are coming to realize that the world is just one “big, stuffy room full of nervous strangers, who, just like you, only want to find The One.”