Attraction: It can happen in a glance. Relationships need fire, but a strong relationship can’t thrive on chemical attraction alone. A palpitating heart may feel good, but true chemistry comes over time, not in one rush.

Attraction is important in finding your match; passion and intimacy are necessary elements in a marriage. However, lust is chemical. Lust and obsession are not enduring. The object of your love may be beautiful and handsome, and you can’t stop thinking about him or her.

But chances are, this is infatuation. What happens when the infatuation wears off?

A relationship that is based purely on passion and physical attraction will rarely stand the test of time. When dating for marriage, it is far more important to weigh your values than to jump at whoever makes your heart skip.

Both physical attraction and values are essential to the development of a lifelong connection.

After all, you don’t want to marry a fiery obsession and you also don’t want to marry someone who is like a brother or sister. Dating for marriage requires considering deeper factors before beginning a long-term relationship.

Common values, mutual respect, admiration, shared experiences and empathy are the real qualities that ensure a relationship’s endurance.