Like much of the country, Michael and I had watched Hurricane Harvey with dismay as it destroyed Houston a month ago. It seemed unbelievable–the wind, the unprecedented rainfall, the images of so many people wading through water, with their few salvaged possessions balanced on their heads.

We wondered how we’d handle something similar.

Well, two weeks ago, we had our chance to find out. Hurricane Irma leveled the islands just a few hundred miles off the coast of where we live in south Florida. Get ready, it warned us: This won’t be like anything you’ve ever experienced.

So, together, we planned and prepared.

When forecasts showed that the worst of it (130 mph winds!) would hit the Keys, bypass the Atlantic coast of Florida, and veer west up Florida’s Gulf coast, we abandoned plans to stay at the Humane Society. We were going to take shelter there, accompanied by our own cats and dogs, knowing that we’d be able to volunteer at the very same time.

Anticipating that we’d be safe in our own home, we settled down, listened to the extraordinary wind and rain, and waited until the storm passed. We lost power for just a few short hours, and suffered no major damage. In the days since the storm, we have said heartfelt prayers of gratitude, and we’ve realized anew what really matters:

Our little family.

Our life together.

Each other.

My friend: I want to know this feeling, too. I want you to have your own shelter in the storm–your soul mate–that person who will plan and prepare with you for life’s storms. That person who will know, as you know, what really matters. I want to help you find The One.