In our last post, we discussed living your life with intentionality while dating. Instead of hoping things will work out, winners live life to achieve their goals. Here are some simple tools you can begin to use now to achieve your dream life and find your future spouse who will share it all with you.

#1 Choose a date by which you’d like to be married and picture your future life.

Imagine yourself crossing the finish line. Athletes picture themselves performing and they even imagine how it would feel to cross the finish line!  They imagine themselves winning and it guides them to train their bodies for maximum success.  The same applies when dating for marriage.

Achievers keep their eyes on the prize and their world aligns with their vision. Just for fun, write down the date you’d like to be married by and imagine other details of your future married life! Imagine your wedding day as the happiest day of your life, not because of the big party, but because you have found that person who will love you unconditionally, that you will grow with; and also your future together is a blank canvas.  Imagine your dream spouse and how it feels to be with him/her. Then image your wedding.  How many people? Inside or outside? Hear the music and imagine the happiness that day will bring when it’s with your true match. That is sound motivation!

#2 Share your dreams with others

People who achieve their goals have such a clear vision, that they are easily able to share with others. They create the space in their heart and mind to become the picture of success that they see. When you enroll others to help you achieve your dreams, dreams happen. It takes many hands to get a ship to sail.

If you want love, say so!  Life holds no guarantees, but with an honest open heart, you will open your life to the love you deserve. Tell the truth, first to yourself, and then to those who love and support you. By sharing your clear vision, soon enough you’ll find yourself attracting true love.

#3 Be positive and act “as if” you’ve already met him or her.
Winners act and feel as though it’s already happened.  Failure is not an option for them. They know it will take persistence and the proper attitude. Sometimes they don’t know how long it will take, but they have the perseverance to get there because in their hearts, they have done everything they can to make themselves winners already. By acting and being winners, they have the energy to create the life they want.

Same applies when dating for marriage. Be the kind of person you’d like to attract. If you want kindness and affection, be kind and affectionate. Choosing positivity means saying yes to yourself and saying yes to the world. No one enjoys being around a closed hearted, negative person so let it go.  See today as a new day and focus on all the good in your life. You can be someone who chooses positivity every day.

We hope you take these three steps to heart and let your energy flow! Imagine yourself crossing the finish line, enroll others in your dreams, and become the person you truly want to be! Love will happen naturally when you love yourself completely.