Remember “The Dating Game?” That late-60s/early-70s show in which 3 groovy,  leisure-suited, bachelors sat on one side of a divider and smirked answers to 1 giggly, mini-skirted bachelorette? (If you’re too young to have seen it, segments are all over YouTube. Check it out for a good laugh.) Such an alluring premise: That just a few quick questions and answers would result in a perfect match. A few years into the sexual revolution, and what did people want? To find The One.

Well, now we have “The Bachelor,” “Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire,” and a bunch of others, including my current fave, “Married at First Sight.” All promise true love.

I really wanted to hate “Married at First Sight,” but I find that it’s been more of a love/hate. I cringe, laugh, and even tear-up a bit. If you haven’t seen it, here’s the skinny: 3 women are matched with 3 men and given 2 weeks to prepare for their weddings. Oh, and the wedding day is the first time they’ll see each other–as she walks down the aisle to meet him, in front of their families and friends.

Sounds so random, so doomed to failure, yet kind of sweet. I haven’t watched all the episodes yet, so I don’t know which (if any) of these hope-filled couples might make it past the 8 week trial period. (If you’ve watched the whole season, don’t tell me!)  Still, there are a few interesting truths to the show:

  • Single people everywhere want to find The One. They long for that special connection. That’s what every one of these singles says during the interview clips.
  • But they just don’t know how to do it, and they feel plagued by self doubt. Even the single people chosen for this show–young, attractive, bright, gainfully employed, surrounded by friends and family–don’t know how they’ll meet and marry the person of their dreams.
  • People value advice and counsel. This show uses relationship experts to review and match applicants, based on their values, interests, and backgrounds. (They didn’t call on me. . . yet–maybe next season!)

Who knows if it will work out for the couples featured on this show? I certainly don’t. But this I do know:  My Meet to Marry Method™ does work. It’s worked for thousands of singles just like these, and just like you. Meet to Marry™ uses proven tactics–no gimmicks, no cameras, and no waiting ‘till the wedding day to meet your spouse!