Remember The Rules?

This book, published in 1995, was a popular do-this-but-don’t-do-that kind of guide for women who want to get married. Admittedly, some common sense was mixed into its pages, but it would have been more appropriately entitled The Game. The book seemed to prescribe some kind of elaborate, old-fashioned game, in which a single woman needed to exercise all manner of subterfuge and coy artfulness to catch her man.

However, that game-playing just doesn’t work.

Right now, I want you to ask yourself if you are still clinging to these 3 arbitrary rules governing dating–

  • You must wait at least a week before requesting (or accepting!) a second date. (That’s arbitrary rule #1.)
  • Never let them know that you want to get married. (And that’s useless rule #2.)
  • Don’t reveal too much in your online dating profile. (Yup, silly rule #3.)

Yes? Then break these rules. You have my permission–but you must change your thinking and your behavior in exactly the right way, in the very way that will draw the right people to you.

The rules don’t work. But here is what does work, what’s been proven to help people just like you find The One:

True self-knowledge and honesty. People who participate in Meet to Marry™ learn how to become complete with aspects of their past that hold them back. They get clear about how they want to feel in that ideal relationship. Then, and only then, do Meet to Marry™ clients begin to date with the kind of confidence, honesty, and vision that attract exactly the right people.

Recently, a Meet to Marry™ client said this about those so-called “rules”:

“So I finally decided to make my profile super-clear and marriage-minded, and surprisingly I am getting more messages than before. Interesting, right? I hadn’t believed Bari, and had thought the exact opposite would happen. So many times I’ve read that you should never say that you want to get married in your online dating profile–that it scares people off! Plus I was kind of following ‘the rules.’

“Last night, I said, ‘Screw the rules! I have no time to waste (none of us does!). I’m going to do what Bari says and be clear.'”

Haven’t you wasted enough time? If so, then it’s time to be clear.