If you haven’t already read Aventura Magazine’s February edition, you’ll want to! Author John Buchanan consulted me, along with a handful of other relationship experts, for the article “The Mating Games 2011.” It provides an examination of modern approaches to relationships—and some of the unfortunate realities of many online dating experiences.

It’s clear that online dating is here to stay, but that doesn’t mean it works out for everyone who tries it. As mentioned in the article, there are many ways to meet people, and we shouldn’t limit ourselves to just one of those methods.

Despite the growing popularity of online dating, face-to-face encounters still play an important role in establishing relationships. Whether you choose to meet someone online or face-to-face, as the article relates, you have to be pro-active in your approach to relationships.

That’s one reason why people are often disappointed with their online dating experience—they require just as much effort as any other means of meeting someone!

In the article, I explain that modern approaches to dating are all about surface level common interests—that’s a formula for failure! Successful dating requires putting the superficiality aside and looking deeper.

A lasting relationship is founded on understanding the core values of a person. Understanding whether or not you are compatible with someone is based entirely on your understanding of who you are.

And the best news? You can be successful in your relationships regardless of the way you want to meet someone!