3 Ways to Find That Great Relationship

With so much heaviness in the world ~ hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, the Las Vegas tragedy ~ I try to focus on what I can do in my own life and relationships.

With Meet to Marry™’s beloved clients, I’m promoting healthy mindset shifts, so that all can experience connection and empowerment, instead of sadness and helplessness. I believe when we’re feeling compassion and love, we can be powerful in the face of calamity.  

Every day I work with people who are injured by their past. I see how these hidden–even unconscious–wounds affect their ability to welcome healthy love. They experience fear, neediness, dread, avoidance…instead of love. Funny how our minds work, isn’t it?

In my own life, I focus on being in action in ways that matter to me, so Michael and I make sure we always make time for dating each other, having fun, and being with our beloved pets. Here we are being goofy at Sunday brunch at a favorite vegan spot, Green Bar & Kitchen (where I’m doing a workshop on Nov. 12 at 9:30 am!).

Bari and Michael

So, this week, I share with you three ways you can begin to create your future relationship right now.

#1. Foster authentic self-love. This is a key element of the Meet to Marry Method™, which we cover in depth during the first part of our work with MTM participants. It’s about shifting your mindset, achieving victory over your past, and loving yourself the way you want to be loved. You learn to be the one to find The One.

Deborah*, a recent graduate, says ~

“I realized that I had beliefs that were holding me back, such as, ‘perhaps love is not meant to last.’ I wasn’t trusting myself, but I was able to create a space in myself that was already in the relationship that I want to be in. Meet to Marry™ helped me give myself what I need to receive from another.”

#2. Learn how to articulate who you really are right now. In the Meet to Marry Method™, each participant writes a new empowering statement (and by the way, nes means miracle in Hebrew!). This statement helps you move beyond your past and dictate your future. The new empowering statement forms the basis for a new online profile that expresses the real you, and the foundation for meaningful conversations while dating.

Kate wrote this~

“Writing my new empowering statement helped me realize that I am lovable and worthy. It helped me specify my emotional needs that have not been met in the past and that I want to have met now in order to be in a healthy and deeply connected relationship. It also helped me visualize exactly how I want my marriage to look and feel. I feel so good now after my breakthrough and it shows in my relationships with friends, peers, and at work. I am more open; I connect better with people.”

#3. Like attracts like, so learn how to radiate authentic positivity. This is far more than just positive thinking, which only gets you so far. Authentic positivity is a way of being that comes from being connected to your truth. It’s what MTM participants discover when they’re truly ready to understand and heal what’s beneath the veneer.

Stephen, a MTM participant, explained, “The course helped me become more open minded and accepting of myself and life in general. Before this, I would laugh and roll my eyes at people who read daily affirmations and stuff like that, but I now understand the power of loving yourself.”

(*All the people quoted in this post are real, though their names are changed.)