99% of the single men and women I’ve coached over the past 15 years have made this #1 mistake, which has kept them stuck single or in frustrating, go-nowhere relationships.

In less than five minutes, you’ll discover  you're attracting the wrong people and you can do right now to find healthy, nourishing, uplifting love.


Take your Marriage Readiness Assessment and find out why you’re meeting the wrong people and what you can do right now to find THE One.




"You knew I could meet the right man for me even though I was still reeling from my divorce and feeling very defensive. The changes I made through the Meet to Marry program helped me make room to be open and clear when I met the man who is now my husband. Just 3 months after meeting, we got married. Your tough love, no-nonsense, and very clear minded approach were invaluable and get me focused on my goal. Thank you!!!!"

"I was discouraged and disappointed, but the Meet to Marry method freed me to discover who I really am and what really matters deep down in my soul when it comes to relationships. It put me on a fast track for finding that special man who meets these needs. I started feeling this incredible optimism and excitement about my future and was truly ready for the right one when he appeared. In fact, I found “the one” and got married to this wonderful man."

As a former relationship-challenged person,
i know how you’re wondering,

For years, you’ve gone to your friends’ weddings and baby showers. Everywhere you look, you see happy couples walking down the street, going to the movies, enjoying romantic dinners, and living a great life together.

You’re happy for them but are wondering. . .

Why can’t I find this kind of happiness?
When is it going to be my turn?
Am I ever going to find someone who’s really right for me?

You might feel like you’ve tried everything—therapy, personal growth programs, meditation and yoga, positive thinking and law of attraction work, dating coaches, and matchmakers.

You go to every singles event, allow friends to set you up on blind dates, and spend lots of time searching profiles on online dating sites.

Or. . . maybe you’re so frustrated that you’ve just stopped dating altogether.

One thing is for certain:

nothing ever really seems to change.

I developed the Meet to Marry Method™ 15 years ago in order to break out of the frustrating, go-nowhere relationship patterns that ultimately left me single and frustrated.  The system gave me a clear path to meeting and marrying Michael, the amazing man I’ve been married to for 12 years. It’s the same method that thousands of singles -- who feel like they’ve tried everything -- have used to finally overcome whatever’s been getting in their way of experiencing the love they need and deserve.

The Meet to Marry Method™ “correctly identifies what we need to be looking for in a relationship. [It is] smart, principled and engaging.”

-Stephen Covey

best selling author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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