Are You Looking For Individual Mentoring?

Are interested in joining the Meet To Marry™ Membership, but not sure you are disciplined enough to take it on alone? 
No worries, many of our members have felt the EXACT same way!

Deciding to take action and breakthrough the barriers that have been holding you back is a HUGE step and sometimes we just need a little extra help when it starts to feel vulnerable or scary.

You have taken the first step, knowing that you want to take action!

The Meet To Marry™ mentoring programs are supplemental to our Meet To Marry Method™.  Each has been designed with a different level of personal and private attention.  Simply select the program that best suits your needs.

Clear path To Love
Many people need more extensive, focused, and private support when it comes to the Finding The One.

These personalized, one-to-one mentoring sessions will guide you through the proven Meet to Marry Method™.

You’ll get powerful, totally honest, practical feedback to uncover your blind spots and obstacles — and show you how to make quick breakthroughs to overcome them. You can expect the highest level of direct, loving, and compassionate support — and a healthy dose of challenges to make sure you achieve your goal of finding love this year.

Clear Path To Love - Inner Circle

This mentoring package is ideal for you if you want the highest level of personal 1:1 coaching, flexibility in scheduling and the fastest most powerful, customize path to results.

You’re smart, successful and busy. You’re clear that you’re ready to make your dream of love and partnership a reality. You’ve tried other things and they haven’t gotten you to the result and the practical. . . real and proven are what you want. Much the same way you achieved success in other areas of your life, you want the same, step-by-step principled support.

Joining Bari’s Inner Circle affords you the opportunity to meet in person, do deep dives and be part of a group.