Are You A Conscious Dater?

How can we recognize the right guy and still get the romance and excitement we are looking for? Narcissists are sooo good at appearing to be the right guy. They find out what you're interested in and become an expert on that. Learn how to avoid the train wreck!read more

Are you a magnet to the wrong people?

Have you ever felt like you're a magnet to the wrong people or don't understand why things don't work out even with well-intentions?  Today, I'm sharing a question from a member of our Meet to Marry community about how to handle the heartbreak of being with wrong people twice. . . and what do more

I don't like speed dating!

The true facts? For many of us, meeting The One doesn’t just happen. While we’re working, being parents, going to school, exercising, and otherwise living our very busy everyday lives, it doesn’t just happen. We have to be intentional, focused, clear, and determined in every approach to dating (including speed dating).read more